Disability & Superannuation

Disability / Superannuation

If you are unable to work due to an illness or injury you may be able to make a Disablement claim under the insurance policy connected with your superannuation.

This usually includes:

  • Income Protection;
  • Total Disablement;
  • Terminal Illness; and
  • Death Benefit.

Unlike negligence claims you do not need to prove that someone caused your injury or illness. You can also have a combination of injuries and illness which may cumulatively mean that you are no longer able to work.

These types of applications are not personal injury claims. They are claims made under contracts of insurance and are governed by the Insurance Contracts Act, and common law principals regarding contract law, equity and trusts.

The important thing to be aware of with any claim under a Superannuation policy is that you need to make sure all the evidence supporting your application is submitted, preferably with your application.

It is important to obtain legal assistance in putting together your initial application. You may not get a second chance to present better and new evidence after your application has been rejected.

We can assist with superannuation insurance claims and appeals, death benefit claims and income protection insurance claims.