Client Stories

We thank you so much for helping us achieve the result that Russell’s health warranted. You have worked so hard with us to get this outcome …..We know we would not have achieved this result without you. Great work and thanks

Russell’s Family

Leeha is extremely professional, pedantic and thorough, I cannot speak more highly of her professionalism…

Peter Simpson, State Secretary, ETU Qld & NT Branch

Thank you Leeha and Nicole, for all that you do for me and my children! I want you both to know that this does not go unappreciated. Yes it’s your job. But still I hear your passion and care in your voice when you speak to me and it makes this experience a little less hard to deal with.


You have done a great deal for me, without your knowledge and guidance I have no doubt that I would not have succeeded….. Once upon a time I thought that a career in Law would suit me, but after learning from you for nearly two years, I know yours is a profession that I would not survive in. I no longer envy what you do, however I will ever be thankful …… such a professional that saved my arse and that I have learned to respect greatly


Thank you so much for all of your help with my case! I really appreciate all the effort you put in and how much you helped me through it all and how lovely you were throughout the process

Thank you Leeha for encouraging me to pursue this and for all your and Nicole’s hard work 🎉😘