Why James Law

No-Win, No-Fee – Legal Fees

Legal fees shouldn’t confuse or scare you and they should never be a big secret. Before you begin you need to know what it’s going to cost.

James Law will discuss costs with you at the outset (and wherever possible will give you the option of a fixed fee arrangement so you know what your legal costs will be at the outset), which we hope will give you some peace of mind. No-Win No-Fee arrangements are offered to most clients who engage our help. In most cases we also pay for outlays on a no-win no fee basis. We will explain this to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have when we first meet and at any other time if you have questions.

No Uplift Fee

On top of their already significant fees, many law firms charge you up to 25% more for a successful outcome. This is called an uplift fee.

James Law prefers a more transparent, fair and simple approach when it comes to legal fees and never charge an uplift fee. Our fees are simple, straightforward and represent excellent value for money. Our view is very simple: our job is to get for you as much compensation as possible in your back pocket, not ours.

Lawyers Manage Your File

Unlike many other compensation law practices we don’t delegate most of the work to be done down to lesser qualified paralegals or law clerks and only involve a lawyer at the end. At all times your file is managed and conducted by an experienced lawyer.

Years of practice tell us that proper preparation and analysis of the evidence to support your claim is essential to achieving the best outcome. We investigate and find the evidence necessary to advance and resolve your claim as quickly as possible. When you ring, you will speak with your lawyer.

Additional Services

In addition to helping you seek compensation, James Law can also help with:

  • Disability and superannuation insurance claims
  • Guardianship (capacity issues) Orders
  • Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Administration